Radio Broadcaster Tutorial

Radio itself is the school to learn all about skills, tools, how to act as a broadcaster & much more

I’m into broadcasting since 1978 … yes thats a while ago
I had the opportunity to make from my hobby my daily fulltime job, I even was able to start as independent
I did the “road” as dj MC, hosted events, was VIP at many events, I worked several times abroad etc etc

In everything I did I learned something about the World of radio, artists etc
Yes, a few times I went face down for reason that I was willing to do it my way … but those things are happening only a few times
If people don’t like it, they don’t ask the host for a new opportunity / job

These days I’m not anymore “on the road” and I do what I like to do as my hobby … Yes sometimes too much, but I wanna do everything who concerns audio the perfect as possibly
Some call Me nuts, others are calling Me a legend for reason of what I do (audio editing, SFX etc etc)
In the world of broadcasting there are always people who gonna have pro & cons … Afterall “its a small World“, however thousands of people are into that business

Don’t spent money … In fact, never spent money to so called wouldbe’s who “think” that they have the knowledge
I never followed any school, training or whatever … I learned everything as a real selfmade man … offcourse with days that everything went A-OK, but I had also days where everything went wrong
But We have to accept that, whatever happens
Start allover again, every single day

Sometimes I’m getting (at least) angry if I read online tutorials, or when I watch a video about “how to manage” or how to become a broadcaster

If you have interests in radio / broadcasting / using your voice … search / buy some good software … buy a good quality pro mic (RODE NT1A is awesome “and” cheap), a small Behringer mixer (some has a price lower than 100 $) … and make yourself some tryouts
How sounds your voice ? Regular ? Smooth ? Crackling ? Sharp ? etc
Be very critical to yourself, adjust any fault to a good thing …
If You speak into a mic … Are you using your vocal cords or your belly ? Strange ? No sir
By using your belly as a box filled with air you can train your vocal cords the differences between low, high, fast, slow, color of your voice etc
By doing that you gonna be amazed of what is possible to create things with your voice … Your tool = your voice

I suppose that You have a nice pc
Buy a license for Adobe Audition, search for plugins such as Izotope and anything who can have your interests
Adobe Audition has in fact a wide range of build in tools … but some others has to be added as VST plugin

If that is all set and done … Go for it and make yourself some demo files, make yourself a SoundCloud profile … share it with like minded people (friends are prejudiced)
Share it at any place where you can receive feedback … Bad feedback ? Don’t be sad … Thats a good thing ! Afterall nobody is perfect
Learn from mistakes, adjust them and someday someone gonna ask you “hey, can you make a read for Me ?” or Can You share some knowledge in the setup of a project ?

I’m 56, and be sure that I still learn every single new day
Accept, look at stores for some good gear, create yourself an identity and “just go for it” (by the way : you don’t have to buy NIKE to achieve that last thing)
Good luck  ! 


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