No More Guns

POV from Me as European

If any politician receives money from private compagnies, eather national linked or not, I call that “corruption“.
In Europe a politician who accepts anyway or the other funds get fired from their duty.
At the USA its the most common thing to do, however if they get paid by some compagny or organisation they have to do the job, for reason that they got paid for doing it.
That means once again “corruption“.

The USA is a big country, I agree, has about 320+ Million people from all races and backgrounds.

Please make now a projection of what is happening at the USA to Europe.
Europe counts 743+ Million people.
Imagine that the same amount of shootings should happen in Europe.
Whats your idea about that ?
OMG … Europe would be seen as the place to avoid, too dangerous to go, never sure to return home alive …
Am I right ?
However strange enough with 2 times the same amount of people, shootings at Europe don’t happen.
Yes, offcourse a murder happens once in a while between couples, but no shootings as they are known at the USA.

Europe don’t has a second amendement.
We as citizens don’t wear weapons, only military & police may do so, however they are both not allowed to shoot to kill.
They have to shoot a perpetrator into the legs, they even don’t may shoot a perpetrator when he is on the run, they don’t may shoot into the back.

Its once again so sad that a group of young people are victims.
The USA needs asap a new kind of “Voice of America” who unites the States of America and their people.

In Memoriam Florida Shooting Victims 2018 02 14

2018 Victims