Facebook Privacy

Some days ago I downloaded a copy of My Facebook data.
I believe that I’m not the only one who did that the past Months.
Its a complete archive of what You have done, uploaded, wrote etc, during the use of Your Facebook account.
Lots of details, I agree !

But in fact We as user are those who provide them with all details.
Offcourse I don’t agree that a complete list of my phone contacts are visible at the index file, even I don’t use, neither installed Messenger, but I installed a lite version of the FB app to make it possible to make a “going live” video.
In fact I never use the FB app at my phone.
I check my FB still at my desktop.

But … If they know that much for reason that their app is installed on Our phone, wonder how much they know about what is “on the inside” of Our pc.
In early days they would have called that a hack, these days it looks the most normal thing.
And yes, We have all firewalls, updated anti virus software, spam goes into the spam directory etc etc …
But I guess that a lot of things are looking with Us to our pc screen.

Scary, in fact yes, but if We use Windows or Mac it don’t make any difference to the source of their technology.
Its all connected to eachother.

Ever thought about how an email reach one of Your contacts ?
If possible to You, make once a trace of the route it takes before Your email arrives at the mailbox of Your own neighbour next door.
Years ago I ever made several traces …
Example : sending an email to my neighbour.
The sending itself connects with at least 15 hubs worldwide.
Strange enough my email connects at a first hub at the USA, is send back to e.g. France etc etc … and it all happens in a matter of 1 second.
But why is my email “catched” at the USA before it returns at Europe and Belgium where I live ?

The digital era gives Us a lot of great things … but in return We all give a lot of details back to that technology.

Modern times they call that …

Facebook Privacy