GDPR Act Sequel

I wonder if Americans have the knowledge that Europeans have “no access” anymore since 1 Month to several USA websites, such as “Los Angeles Times“, “Chicago Tribune” & “NY Daily News“.
I wonder what should happen if Americans have no access anymore to European websites ?

Imagine that US users wouldn’t have access to articles, news etc who is published in European newspapers.
Things are and have changed since 1,5 Year between the EU and USA.
Fact is that We see the results of all this.
Some data … I call it borders has been closed.
Why ?
For reason of democracy ?
What about freedom of speech and freedom of press ?

Its all about the GDPR Act (General Data Protection Regulation) who is in force since May 25 (2018) to protect personal data & info of EU citizens.
It looks that some services / websites more likely block their EU users, than agree to a regulation that protects the data from their users whatever they are European or American.

Chicago TribuneDaily NewsLos Angeles Times

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