Facebook vs Cambridge

Today Facebook took out ads at the USA to apologize in newspapers !
Back to basics ?
The Cambridge Analytics story gives Facebook a kind of temporary stroke.
The other week on Monday the value of the shares was down with 37 Billion US Dollar, equal to -6,8% of their shares.
Loosing that amount of money on one day is HUGE !

I learned that also today (Monday) the shares are still dropping with an average of 5 %.
You can follow on this website a realtime view on the FB shares : https://www.iex.nl/Aandeel-Koers/350002220/Facebook.aspx
(Its a website located at The Netherlands, but shows the official results).

By using newspapers to apologize themself is making contact to their alltime users … “the people”.

Facebook tells Us that they have 2 Billion users / accounts.
My question is :
How many of them are still active ? How many fake accounts are on FB ? How many people are still using FB daily, weekly, monthly ?

My friendslist isn’t that big, but I notice that lots of them don’t use FB that often as they did into the past.
I made mid February 2018 a slide about it (see attached file).
Its my point of view that FB needs a reboot who makes it possible to them to “reconnect” with their users.

2018 02 05 My Friends Facebook Activity

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