Decades of Music

80s and 90s … It are the days, most of Us call it “Retro”

The generations these days are living in a looooong flow of music from decades ago
The 60s are almost “60 years” ago … but still played … equal to the 70s

I compair this very often with the time I was a kid … I’m born in 1960
Imagine that during the 70s when I was a teenager that they were playing music from the time my late parents were “young”
Than I was listening to music from the 30s and 40s
Remember the old days of Al Jolson, Nat King Cole, … the first tracks ever made by Frank Sinatra and Peggy Lee
Mario Lanza, Vera Lynn, Perry Como, Marlene Dietrich … and one of the most famous projects “Spike Jones” ever used very often into jingles and IDs at radiostations

As teenager the most nearest decade that I played songs of were the 60s … or music from about 10 to 15 Years ago
These days they even like music from 40, 50 and 60 years ago

Nice to know is … For the 80th birthday of my Mom I ever found a CD with songs from her years as teenager … the 40s
I bought the CD and gave it to her as present … To several songs she was crying for reason that it was almost 60 years ago that she ever heard those songs
Imagine that at that time not everyone had a radio at home … sometimes one family had a radio and the neighbourhood visited that family on Sunday to listen together to “a radio” (most of the time live music made in real time at the broadcast studio)

These days We have all Our music into Our phone or tablet … portable, wherever We go … + We can listen to radio and internetradio at all places at this planet

Welcome to the 21rst Century ! 


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