We are Belgium

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cowards have attacked innocent people in Brussels – Belgium. Two bombs exploded at Brussels airport (Zaventem), one exploded into the subway, 30+ people died and 200+ people were wounded.

I’m shocked, shocked for reason that these “cowards” don’t show their faces, even don’t have a face, they are making war in the name of their religion … What religion ?

Its about time that all Muslims in the World do stand up for their rights. I do believe that every human being is a good person. Muslims do stand up for your religion, but not in the name of war. Making war, wherever it happens, has nothing to do with religion.

History learns Us that the attacker always loose the battle. The bunch of cowards who believe that they are right, are terribly wrong.

We have to stand up all together against this terror and have to give peace a place into Our daily life.

We have the force to survive ! 

We are Belgium !

FY We Are Belgium

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