About Radio

About a decade ago (more or less) they called it a Feel Good radio

  • say : a sunny feeling all day long
  • time to be less serious than what is happening in the daily life of everyone
  • keeping the variety going 

All elements are both right and wrong … They work at FM and/or national radio

However at internetradio the Feel Good element is the choice of music that the audience likes

There are still tons of internetradio’s, and I presume they gonna last for ever … and there are still lots of them who are playing their format (Decades, 90s & 2000 only, Oldies, CHR etc etc) … With or without hosts / presenters, the listeners stay addicted to those stations who are playing their choice of music … and the stations who are using a specific format have LOTs of listeners

However, if stations with a top ranking are rated … it looks to Me that most of them don’t have THE sound. Some even sounds terrible, or they have a poor audio / stream quality, or they stream at 48 or 64kbps, but they play that specific format and it looks that not that many people are bothered about the fact that audio, stream, bitrates etc aren’t that perfect

At the time I bought my first pc and offcourse discovered the internet, one of the first stations I met was WOLFfm. Great IDs, nice music, low bitrate … but anyway it was enjoyable. After a while I learned how to check their stats … and unbelievable … they had a lot of listeners … some periods 500+ and even higher (900+ etc)

Maybe You gonna recognize their logo ? You gonna be amazed of what You gonna see … It looks to Me all very basic … apart of the amount of computers they have …


I’m sure that many similar stations do work the way WOLFfm does

Lots of Us are decades into music, radio, media etc (Me = since 1978), and maybe We all are willing to do it too perfect ? The sound is never ever good enough, We all want 128kbps (at least) … and We want to satisfy people with the best in music, the best produced IDs … and if possible some good voices to make a daily / weekly radioshow

What is the right type of radio ?

  • answer : the listener decides

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