In history of mankind there has been always something as We know who is called God (with or without capital g)

During my time at school I learned that the first God was fire … I’m almost sure that the first human primates who have seen fire (during thunder and lighting) where amazed of what happend … for reason that they’re afraid of it, they worship it.

During the past thousands of Years there’re many Gods …

Some where the Moon, the Sun (Inca’s), a Queen seen as sfinks (Egypt) etc … untill the Birth of the Messiah known as Jesus Christ

Every today religion made its own story about that event, the Bible for Christians is the Koran for Moslims and so on …

Even more specific, both religions believe that archangel Gabriel (Koran : Djibriel) is the one who has spread the word as messenger. So We should be able to conclude that both, and other religions do have the same source

But there is a huge “but” in the whole story

During the past 2000+ Years religion has been abused during many occassions

The Crusades are maybe the best known …

  • Imagine that the Crusades went to the Holy Land to “spread” the Christian religion
  • Since My days at school I found that always a very strange story
  • So the Crusades went back to the source to tell them what they already knew (!!)

In recent history, during WW II the Germans had a belt with their typical sign an eagle and the text Gott ist mit uns (God is with Us) … So in the name of God they’re able to fight one of the most terrible wars ever seen …

The same text God zij met ons (God is with Us) was printed into the edges of the currency coins of The Netherlands “the guilder”

I remember the stories told by My Parents about their childhood, praying at the start and end of every class, going on Sunday 3 times to Church (the third time was meant for those who didn’t went to Church) and last but not least “the confession” they “had” to do it once a week.

Its my point of view that “it looks” that believing in a religion has been used very often as an alarmist for those who did something wrong or to those who where non-believers.

In this whole story there is one important thing who isn’t yet mentioned.

  • History learns Us that every 2150 Years there is a resurrection of a new Messiah.
  • So whatever “it” or “what” or “who” is called God is a kind of mystery that never gonna be solved

People need in a positive meaning something where they search for support (a mainstay), in a negative meaning it is used as reason to destroy “any” support to those who are against them

So whatever happens into the future of mankind, there gonna be always “something” where people gonna ask or search for “that kind of support”

However “none of Us” know if it helps for real

  • Afterall We prepare Our own meals – they are not given to Us,
  • We have to work to earn money – it is not given to Us … … …

So what is the power that makes it possible that people are in search for it ?

lyrics by Ph.D.

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